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A deep dive into our patented technology

Our patented technology

Thanks to the patented flow technology, we have managed to provide the best swimming experience with a minimum space requirement.
Our differentiating factor: the LD POOL turbine technology creates a uniform, individually controllable flow of water. This is many times more powerful than any conventional jet system. The water is returned in a flow channel that is spatially separate from the swimming area. 100% of the inflow is sucked off at the end of the pool, which basically means the LD POOL is powerful enough to move all the water while swimming.

Our counter-current pools are characterized by performance adjustments to your individual requirements. Individual needs and performance levels can be specifically tailored here, which makes professional swimming training possible, as well as rehabilitation and play. We enable powerful, targeted laminar flow for a swim feeling like in open water.

Advantages of an LD POOL compared to conventional jet-systems

  • Much higher efficiency
  • No air in the water, thus optimized water feeling
  • Moving water across the full width of the pool, not just conical like jets
  • Training control using the control unit

Our counter-current pools

With these systems, a unique swimming experience is made possible, which supports both casual swimmers and high-performance athletes. Here, our patented flow technology is installed in HP pressure pipes in side return flow boxes. We are using high-end turbine technology, which can generate the desired flow speed in conjunction with the safety outflow and intake openings.

The swimming speed can be adjusted individually with the help of a control unit. The swimmer can also use it to program training programs for various applications. The new concept of this flow channel enables recreational athletes as well as ambitious swimmers to train with little space and energy requirements.

Our advanced control unit

Via Smartphone
The smartphone is an indispensable part of today’s everyday life. We recognized this and therefore decided that the counter-current system/underwater treadmill could also be controlled using an app.
Our customers can use existing smartphones and simply install the app we have developed. Thanks to today’s technology, there are already some smartphones with protection class IP68, which are designed for the use in water. This means that these devices can also be placed at the edge of the pool.

Via Tablet
As with a smartphone, the counter-current system/underwater treadmill can be controlled using a tablet. The advantage is obvious. The windows and control panels are larger due to the larger display and are therefore easier to use. In addition, countless manufacturers offer corresponding wall installation frames, which allow the tablet to be beautifully integrated into your bathing landscape.

So if you’re considering a swimming pool or swim spa for your home, consider the advanced technology, customization options, and versatility of LD POOLS. Contact us today to learn more and start enjoying the many benefits of our pools.